Andrea Smith
M.Ost Med DO ND

I proudly graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine with a Masters degree in Osteopathy, and Diplomas in both Osteopathy and Naturopathy. I have experience working in the U.K and New Zealand, having treated a diverse range of patients from, American NFL players and International Rugby teams to chronic pain patients and children.

I believe the role of osteopathy to be an important relationship between the patient and practitioner; offering education, empowerment and support for the patient to find their way back to optimal health.

I practice as a naturopathic osteopath. This means I combine natural medicine principles with a traditional osteopathic treatment. Treatments are completely patient-centered with a focus on reducing pain, improving range of movement, and preventing further injury. I achieve this with the use of soft tissue techniques, cranial techniques, mobilizations, and manipulations, along with exercise prescription, nutrition, and lifestyle advice.

I am passionate about what osteopathy and naturopathy combined can offer patients. I find patients both inspiring and motivating as I guide their journey to good health. I have a particular interest in pain psychology, chronic/reoccurring pain and work-related injuries.

You can be assured that I listen intently and my attention to detail will ensure that you get the correct diagnosis and treatment, helping you reach your optimal health and well being.

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