Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, online consultations and treatments will temporarily replace hands-on practice. For further information please read below.

The NHS 111 helpline is currently inundated and is experiencing long waiting times. Osteopaths are supporting the NHS by reducing the musculo-skeletal demand on the service. If you've had an accident and find yourself in serious, acute pain, please get in touch and make an appointment. We can provide helpful management advice and rehab plans for your pain.

What To Expect

  • Online treatments will be conducted as secure, encrypted video and phone calls. This can be discussed before the treatment is arranged.

  • A normal, thorough full case history surrounding your health and complaint, along with follow-up questions, as I would during in-clinic sessions.

  • An assessment of your movements (where required). It will be beneficial that you wear clothing that allows you to move freely, without needing to be removed.

  • Once all clinical information is reviewed, I will explain the diagnosis and provide advice on the information that has been informed during the consultation. If I can not reach a diagnosis I will refer you accordingly.

  • We will discuss your treatment plan and how best to manage your symptoms.

What I Can offer

Osteopaths do more than rub, pull and click bodies. Our extensive training also covers nutrition, psychology and exercise. Some osteopaths, including myself are trained in naturopathy, a natural medicine specialty.

Video and phone treatments can offer:

  • Home exercises to help with your joint mobility, strength and desensitise the nervous system when in pain.

  • Seated and postural adaptations to prevent further injury or pain.

  • Breathing techniques - these can help with pain in the lower back, shoulders and chest, as well as calming our mental state.

  • Nutritional advice. Anti-inflammatory, collagen healing and nerve boosting foods. I can also provide meal ideas for the limited cupboards supplies.

  • Hydrotherapy advice

  • Stress management

  • Collaborative care with other health professionals

  • Support and reassurance to guide you through your pain in a very difficult time.

Each person will need a different variation of advice, but I can assure you that  it will be realistic and achievable in the current situation.

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