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From novice to extreme

Updated: Mar 2

Often when I'm sat chatting with new people and sharing stories, there's one thing I generally find in common... adventures (of which come in all shapes and sizes)! Whether it be Joe Blogs in marketing or Jane Smith in finance, so many of us set ourselves grueling challenges just to escape our everyday madness. Pushing ourselves to the absolute extreme and usually enduring injuries along the way.

I have many amusing stories (another time, perhaps), but one in particular was my desire to run the London marathon whilst I was in my final year studying to become an osteopath. Why I decided to take on such a mammoth challenge when I should have been focusing on my final year, I don't know? Was it to bank another conversation starter, or was it for my own sense of achievement and self-esteem. Honestly, both. That being said, the discipline and effort it took to get up for those early morning runs, when I'd been up late studying the night before, with sub zero temperatures outside that literally made my nose and ears feel like they were going to fall off, was all worth it once my stamina began to improve and I'd fly along the Embankment like a gazelle. Flying until... wallop, achilles tendinitis reared its ugly head (for those of you that haven't heard of achilles tendinitis, it's pain and stiffness at the back of the heel and can run up to the base of the calf muscle. See image below).

Image: Achilles tendinitis area of pain (image sourced from

Why did it happen? I'd gone from couch to gazelle way too fast for my body to cope, resulting in a dreaded, inevitable injury! I didn't have time for an injury! I had to keep training! However, I knew if I continued training without appropriately resting my injury, there would be no marathon at all! So, I shifted my mindset. I decided time was no longer the goal, but completing the race was. My first EVER marathon. That in itself was an achievement.

So, I did what was necessary. I took 2 weeks rest from running, sought treatment from my osteo peers and adapted my cardio training for a variation of spin. I won't bore you with the details, but I ran the race, got the medal and my achilles tendon hasn't bothered me since. My knee on the other hand, well that's a story for another time.

Moral of the story

  1. Rest doesn't mean stop training, it means ADAPT. Be smart with your program.

  2. Compromise! Don't become so fixated on the final goal that you lose sight of the journey and what you are actually trying to achieve. #trainsmart #goalsetting #londonmarathon #running #adventure #prehab

  3. Seek help from an osteopath. #osteopathyworks #osteopath #london #healthcare #osteoandrea

Whatever your personal venture may be right now, if you're training and feel a niggle coming on. Please don't ignore it. Pop in and have an assessment so I can help prevent that niggle from becoming a real pain.

Good luck!

Image: My 2017 London Marathon 'Finisher' photo!

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